First Drafts

At a children’s authors conference a few years ago, I received the best advice for anyone in pursuit of the writer’s life. Take the belt from your bathrobe and strap yourself into your chair. Writing requires a blind, dogged loyalty to the work at hand. I write picture books for children under 5 that are … Read more

Bedtime Story Ahead!

September 2018 will bring the publication my latest picture book, THE GOODNIGHT TRAIN ROLLS ON! It is the long awaited sequel to THE GOODNIGHT TRAIN. Laura Huliska-Beith has created a magical series of illustrations. Readers, young and old, will enjoy some unexpected turns of events when they read my new bedtime story.

Welcome to the first day of my new blog!

For me, blogging is a way to engage and connect.  I see each post as a note in a bottle, cast out to the sea, hoping to initiate a dialogue from someone, someplace in the world. One of my favorite children’s authors, E.B. White, advised, “Always be on the lookout for the presence of wonder.” … Read more