Welcome to the first day of my new blog!

For me, blogging is a way to engage and connect.  I see each post as a note in a bottle, cast out to the sea, hoping to initiate a dialogue from someone, someplace in the world. One of my favorite children’s authors, E.B. White, advised, “Always be on the lookout for the presence of wonder.” I look forward to the serendipity that might arise from this page, the wondrous encounters I could never have imagined.  Besides children’s literature, I may discuss everything from my favorite doughnuts or my ire about the destruction of thirty-five ancient oak trees in my neighborhood. Early literacy is also a passion of mine, which is why I write books that engage the very young with the magic of words and pictures.

Once a month, I hope to interview friends and colleagues on what drives their work and feeds their joy. I may even interview myself!  I am also interested in how writers keep going when their story gets “muddy in the middle.” I would like to explore the business of working through a creative project after you’ve hit a brick wall.  Beginning this blog is an adventure.  I hope you will hop on board and stay with me for the long journey!